So a few days ago i took my guitar strings off because the high E had broken and frankly they were sounding quite dull anyway.

My mom had told me that she would pick up a pack of Ernie Balls on the way home from work, but unfortunately she had forgotten and both my parents were very busy for the next few days.

So for a few days my guitar was stringless. I figured it was alright, everything was fine.
But after a doing a little studying up on UG, it became apparent to me that leaving your strings off your guitar for extended periods of time is bad for your neck as it causes tension problems and messes with your truss rod.

So, my question is this. I have left my strings off for, i think, 2 or 3 days (i got new strings today). Is my neck seriously ****ed because of this? Should i get the truss rod adjusted or something? i have noticed that there is a lot of fret buzz (even after raising the action a lot) and the intonation is very off...What should i do?
I'm no expert, but if its only been a few days don't worry about it. The intonation is probably off because you raised the action. If it really bothers you go get it fixed up.
Nothing should be wrong with your neck. You should just run a basic setup on it - check the neck relief, adjust the intonation, etc.

No matter what guitar you own, the Fender manual (available at the Fender website) includes directions on how to perform a basic setup. While the specifics of each guitar differs (type of bridge, etc.), the type of adjustments are the same.
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thanks guys.

two things though,

1. What is backbow, and neck relief? how do you measure it?

2. I tried to intonate my low E string and the actual note continually stays sharper than the harmonic, even after i've tightened the screw till it won't tighten anymore. Any help?
Neck relief is the amount of dip in your neck. You measure it by tuning it up, then put a capo on the first fret. Hold down the low E string around the 18th fret, then check out the gap between the bottom of the string and the top of the 8th fret. There should be some gap, but it should be small, no bigger than the thickness of, say, a credit card. If there is no gap, you need to incrementally loosen your truss rod. If there is a large gap, you need to tighten your truss rod.

When you do truss rod adjustments, do them in 1/4 turn increments, and then let the guitar sit for about an hour after each adjustment before re-gauging the relief.
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huh..sounds complicated
i hear though, that if you screw up or aren't careful you can permanently damage the neck..and i'm not too confident..
I think i'll take my guitar down and just get the the action, intonation, truss rod and the whole shebang next time i need a string change instead of risking breaking my guitar

thanks anyway man
It's mostly bullshit. You have to be REALLY careless to do that kind of damage. But whatever you feel comfortable doing
Hi, I'm Peter
I'm having the same situation, except i have the 2 e strings taken off, will that affect it a lot, it's been kind of a while too, (i'm assuming like a week)?