Hey guys. I don't play electric much anymore and I've been selling off my stuff slowly.

Right now I'm trying to get rid of my Electro Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff Pedal. I used it about 10 times at home for practice alone and I absolutely love the sound it gives off, I just don't have use for it as I don't play much electric anymore, and I'm pretty set with my RAT. I'm trying to get $45 shipped for it, that's 20 bucks off the new price, and it's in pristine, new shape.

Also, I have a practice amp I turned on ONCE. It's a Fender Frontman 15 watt with overdrive. I turned it on and tested it out on my SG and I was impressed by the sound it gave in both modes. I never used it again as I received a new amp as a gift that week for my birthday. I'm selling it for $50 WITH two cables AND an input chord to hook up to ipod or cdplayers for practicing with songs. That's 30 bucks off new price and this thing is brand new, and comes with cables. I'll definitely test it upon request to make sure everythings still working. It's been sitting in its box in my air conditioned closet for about a month now.

Let me know if you're interested, and if you want to make me another offer. Also, I have photos if interested.
Lets see some pics of the pedal. WOW, you have an air conditioner in your closet?
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