ok i want to put a tremelo on my tremelo-less guitar, its has that Les Paul bridge thing, but its an offbrand, so the body's the size of an SG. how can i do that without breaking anything

2) i want to put dual pickups on my Squier stratocaster, but ive never done it before so...i need some advise, i want to put in a DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup and/or a DiMarzio DP158 Evolution Neck Pickupso itll still look kewl, but have a better sound, i just wanna know how to make the cavity for the pickgaurd and wiring and whatever else i need to know

crappp thatll be hard to get the pickups on to the strat. but for your lp use stetsbar or treml-no. that should work

The strat might need so much surgery that you'd be better off getting a new guitar. they might have a single coil version of the evo......
1) I'm assuming you mean a tune-o-matic style bridge? Your simplest soloution would be a bigsby, but that won't give you the ability to do crazy divebombs and stuff if that's what you're after. Any other tremelo system will require routing.

2) It'd be easiest to just buy a new pickguard rather than widening the holes in you current one (although that's a possibility...). For wiring, there's just about any wiring diagram you'll ever need for a normal situation at www.seymourduncan.com, you'll just have to take into account that the colour coding on SD's is different than that of dimarzio's
It isn't cxheap to put a good trem on a TOM bridge, and it requires certain measurements - you know the Gibson standard.

Also, you CAN'T pull up at all. It would just be for vribrato. You COULD put a FR-type bridge there...but it would be a lot of work.

You mean humbuckers? The Evo combo sounds like a bad idea first of all.

Also, an amp is more important than pickups, as far your tone goes. So if you're looking to change your tone, what kind of amp do you have?
Putting 2 humbuckers in a squire is pretty easy to do. But its alot easier to get another pickguard with new pots and switch than cut up your old one.
As for a wammy on a tom bridge there are not many options for a serious wammy thats not going to cost couple hundred bucks. Theres the stetsbar that doesnt need routing but its 300 I think. And a FR is 170 plus the cost of routing. Its the old case of if you want wammy buy a guitar with a wammy.
Also, an amp is more important than pickups, as far your tone goes. So if you're looking to change your tone, what kind of amp do you have?

There you go. If you're thinking about adding humbuckers to get the humbucker sound, fine. But if you're just looking for better tone overall, the amp makes a lot more difference than the pickups do. The only time I bother swapping pickups is when I get a cheapo off brand with some really really crummy ones...we're talking half the volume of my other guitars and no treble....seriously weak, wimpy, crummy pickups. If you have pickups that work right, the amp will make a lot more difference than pickups, tonewise.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
yea the pickups are really crappy. i have a Fender amp and a mixer so the amp isnt all that bad