k so i have this ever so sexy dean ML but i ****ed up the floydd rose some how... i was pulling back on the whammy bar doin this squeel thing, and all of a sudden one of the strings breaks. ever since than the bridge CONSTANTLY pulls back until it cant go back any farther, and thus tunes my guitar wayyyy up. can somebody tell me wtf is wrong with it?
did you replace the string or the whole set? You might just need to adjust the spring tension in the back it'l take 5 mins, if it's not that no idea.
Did you replace the string at all? or with a string of the same gauge? If you didn't, thats just part of life with a floyd rose bud. Try messing with your spring tension in the back if you replaced it with the same kind of string. floyds are pretty reliable, so chances are its user error.
take it to a luthier/guitar center, ask to have the bridge set up and the string tension/height redone.
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no i did reajust the tension, im not thaaat dumb.... but mabe that spring thing is it.. what is it?