I'm going to be getting a Schecter C-1+ plus soon, and I'm probably going to swap out the pups. I was planning on going with SD's JB and Jazz set, but I've always liked the PAF Pro. After some research, I think I want the FRED in the bridge. I play everything from church music to hard rock, mostly rhythm. I want something that is well rounded and not too muddy.

What do you guys think?
It's kind of amp by committee right now between a Crate GXR for practice and Fender Ultimate Chorus for when I play live. Eventually, I'm gonna get a 5w tube amp, maybe even at the same time.
That probably is a better idea. Any suggestions for a smaller amp? Anyone else have opinions on the pups?
the paf pro in the neck is great
the fred is ok, but the norton would do very well for what you want
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