Recently a controversy has come up between some friends and me....about scooping mids....how do you guys feel about it? just in general...say what you want!
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I've got no interest in doing it. Hell, I CAN'T do it. My amp's only got a volume knob....
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Never scoop your mids, you will get entirely lost in the mix. Personally I play with mids at 9 bass at 6-7 and treble at 8, and I'm playing an AC/DC cover show in like two weeks. (keep in mind this is on bass)
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It can help you get a nice metal thrashy tone, but yeah if you are playing with other people then you shouldn't scoop them any more than the other guitarist.
My friend scoops his mids no matter what genre we're playing and his amp is about 70 watts higher than mine, but all I have to do is turn my mids a bit higher than his and I cut through nicely!

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Only people who don't know anything about sound scoop mids. They're very important when it comes to a final mix. Granted I don't think you should really boost them too much either but you can't mix them out.
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Like PunkRocker33133 said, you will get lost in the mix without some mids to boost you. I read someone say you should have at least 5 dialed in for mids and I think that's pretty well right for the rhythm section of most songs. I'm talking more from experience with extreme music however.
i dont like scooping my mids, i prefer to have mine pretty high, i think i get a nice sound that way
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please god dont scoop the mids. Running no mids through an expensive amp is like using reg fuel instead of super in a Ferrari. It just doesnt let your amp show off how good it is.

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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

I never do it, but I don't ever play metal so I can't really talk.
My favorite sounds dialed from my amp are always mid heavy.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
scooping mids is dumb, if you do sometimes you can hear the bassist over you, your not supposed to hear the bass!?!
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I scoop my mids slightly. Usually they're slightly lower than the treble band (bass is cranked), once you factor in presence boost. I am still cutting through the mix of instruments while still having the tone I like (smooth, thumpy, warm). Once I kick on my tubescreamer for leads though, it balances out the EQ so I cut through even more.
For completely scooping mids, I am against it unless you need it for thrash or stuff like that.
But, with mids too high, one's tone is honky and weird.
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I never scoop them completely, but they are always the lowest of my EQ settings.

I usually run my VC-15 with:

Treble - 7/8
Mids - 3/4
Bass - 6

And being booseted by my Silver Kiss with:

Treble - 2 o'clock
Mids - 12 o'clock
Bass - 1 o'clock

I just prefer my cleans that way. And I never playing anything remotely heavy either, it's just a more American clean sound that suits me better.
For heavy stuff I prefer boosted mids and backed off bass.
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Extremely scooped mids sound really killer when you are standing right in front of the speaker, but in a band/recording situation you will get lost in the mix. I wouldn't go below 5.
I only "scoop" my mids in that they're the lowest band in my eq, but they're nowhere that god-aweful scooped mids tone that for some reason is so popular.
i boost and then i scoop.
i've got a mesa boogie v-twin running into the clean channel of a mesa 50 cal.+
the v-twin bass: 3, mid is around 7, treb: 7 then the the amp is around the same range. but then i've got the slider EQ section from bass to treb:
9, 2, 1, 7, 8
works for me, works VERY WELL for me. i get a beastly tone even at living room levels.
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I generally keep the lows and mids at 11 and control the bass response with the depth control. If I come off the mids to any less than about 9.5 I start to get lost under the bass and drums. I never put the highs or the presence above about 6.
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Well it depends on the amp, I use to scoop my mids, but I found that the key for a good tone on my ENGL is to use plenty of mids.
So I go:
Bass: 6
Mids : 7
Treble : 5-6

Really brutal tone with my 81 bridge pickup, but smooth solo tone with my 60 neck pickup.
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Mine is normally equal to the other bands, or boosted. But there are some good tones to be had with it only half-way with bass and treble above it, but NEVER put it below half, IMO thats when you start loosing tone, the sound and it gets more difficult to cut through.