Let me start by saying I love my Marshall DSL100. I love the gain it has, so overall I am extremely happy with my tone.

That said, I have been toying with the idea of getting a distortion pedal. Just for a secondary distortion sound. Unfortunately since nowhere carry's my amp anymore, I cannot try it out unless I buy it first. I would be willing to spend $250-$300 if need be. I would also like to keep my signal analog(don't flame me).

I was wondering about the pedals with the tubes in them, and how they are. I don't really know what type of distortion sound I want. As I said I am happy with my Marshall's gain so I would not be using it as my primary overdrive. I am picturing playing in my high gain channel, then using my footswitch to go to clean then kicking in a maybe close sounding distortion with different setting to play another song without messing with my amp, kinda like using it for another channel.

It doesn't have to sound like Marshall distortion just something nice for the music I like, without killing my tone.

I like G&R's , Led, Sabbath, AreoSmith, AcDc, Bon Jovie- stuff like that. And If you don't want to look in my sig I play a Ibanez RG2550 Prestige.

Any suggestions?
You could buy a pedal from Guitar Center. They give you 30 days to return it for any reason.
I suggest trying a lot of pedals, almost every brand has a box or two in your range of styles.

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Thanks that's what I will prob end up doing but I would like some suggestions on what to try. I don't know whats good or not. I am sure there are people here who have nice tube amps who also use distortion pedals, right???

I am not sure as to which pedals they carry. I don't think they have to many pedals that are more then $100 or have tubes in them.
I'm using a mesa boogie mark IV, and so far I have been really satisfied with the distortion I can get out of it. Before that I used the digitech distortion factory, theres a bunch of similar options out there, your best bet, if you cant try it out in the store is to search for the pedal on you tube

maybe check out
the EHX tube zipper
you could also think about a booster, it wont give you new distortion sounds but it will add some dynamics and gain. i'm running an LPB-1 through my JVM410 and it sounds incredible, especially with a little clipping on the clean channel
it's funny cuz a guy in my local craigslist and another local online classified thing is trying to sell his Mesa VTwin stompbox (i think that's what it's called). it's got like 3 different channels or somethin, tubes in it, and isn't produced anymore. he's been TRYIN to sell for $350 just cuz it's not made anymore, but i bet if i told him 300 cash he'd give in cuz it's been so long. i bet that would be brootal...
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Nothing wrong with the idea of a essentially a third channel. Some of the tube stomp boxes have 2 channels so would give you 4. Or if your adventurous you could try building one of your own. And dont think there is anything wrong with analog.
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And don't think there is anything wrong with analog.

Thanks, I know there is nothing wrong with it, I just didn't want to get flamed. I bought the memory man analog delay/chorus cause it was the sweetest sounding pedal I heard, and I would like to keep it all analog. I don't like how most digital FX sound. I know there are some that sound good but...

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I appreciate it a lot. Am I being picky about getting a pedal. I mean I love my amps distortion. Is it possible to get a better distortion with a pedal? For my amp I mean. They don't make pedals specifically for tube amps, do they?

Also how would a nice dist pedal sound with light gain on my overdrive channel?

Thanks again guys.
maxon overdrive, ts9 or damage control all will get you to were you want to be
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+1 For the Damage Control pedals. They'll give you the best natural distortion.
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