I've been playing for about three years, I'm self taught from learning to read tabs and working out songs. I can learn to play just about anything except for any really complex leads or solos. I have noticed that over the past six months my playing has really started to plateau. Other than that I can't improv, I don't really know what I'm doing. And I know one pentatonic scale....what ever that means.

Where is a good place to start with theory, how are people learning that didn't go learn music theory in a school. Did they just buy theory for dummies for something (lol seriously I saw it in barnes and noble the other day).

Thanks for the help in advance and please recommend/rate any books, dvd's, sites, or other methods that would be a a good way to learn.
I 2nd this. Is Theory for dummies worth buying?
I need somewhere to start and I'm in the EXACT same situation but I don't have time/money for lessons because of work and school.

Oh and I've looked at most of the articles on this website but I think I really need a text book style thing, it fits my learning style more.
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