ok.. here are the specs:
1) Rhoads style body
2) two humbuckers and two humbuckers only...
3) locking tremolo system
4) neck-thru

Okay.. so the RR1 is that guitar but sadly i cannot even think about spending over 2 grand on a guitar. i have about a thousand i can go up or down by a few hundred i believe.. Is there any guitar that does not fail to meet any of the specs?^^

Or if you are willing to give on the neck-thru part, then go to warmoth.com and custom build a kickass V with any specs (except the neck thru thing).

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2008 Schecters Hellraiser V?

Not as pointy as the Jackson, but dual EMG, OFR, and set neck w/ultra access (like a neck through).

Haven't seen 'em out yet, but I would think sometime in February.
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