Well im rehearsing with my Second Guitar player tommorow, the rest of the band cant be there. but we are going to try and learn "Different World" by Iron Maiden. he gets kinda bossy and im usually stuck with Crappy rythm parts and stuff, if i screw the lead up even once. is there any way i can get him to stop being controlling? when he is actually nice, hes an amazing guy to work with but sometimes he can get a bit eccentric about things. and he over reacts a lot.

And any tips for getting harmonys/timings right?
dude same here in my band
wat i do is i tell him to shut the **** up and lets dual solo
as long as you both are soloing
everything usually turns out pretty good
and awesome if you can get the dual solo down
Just play with him as much as you can, it takes time for two players to gel and be able to play together.

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So it goes.
tell him to calm the **** down
your in this band 2 and try to work with him

like it was already said, so some harmonies and dual solos
and when ur not with them practice like **** to be better then him
if he sees u got alot better he will give you alot more respect.

Thats my 2 cents
just have the guitarist over like every other day practicing till you play on the same speed

if my rythm guitraist had me over every day wed be perfectly in time
its all about practice
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Ill deffinitly try to get together With him more, weve known each other for years. Ever two weeks there is a Jam at a store and only one other guitarist besides us is there so i think that may help a bit too. hes already started to show me some more respect after a few of those sessions. Thanks everyone