so i want to buy my first electric guitar and i was looking into the epiphone les paul standard. i haven't made a decision on what guitar to get yet, because i have yet to go to guitar center and try any out. but, is there a difference between the epihone les paul standard, and the epiphone les paul standard that comes in a pack the reason im asking is because of the limited colors that are available for just the guitar itself, in comparison to the guitar that comes in the pack?

amp pack

same guitar. that pack's a great deal if you're just starting out.
i own the blue one shown in the pack and i'd highly recommend it
it sounds excellent and is quite durable
The guitar without the pack is better, better quality pick-ups, better hardware, your much better off getting just the guitar and getting an amp separate, BUT if money is an issue, the pack would be just fine, you could always throw some better pick-ups in there down the road. And as far as the amp being crap, most "pack amp's" are nothing special, just enough to get you by until you invest in a nicer one.
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pickups and tuners

the single guitar has better tuners and pickups, he is correct
are you sure you want a les paul? You're going to want to upgrade soon anyways, so you might as well start out with something a bit cheaper, like a squier strat/frontman package.
i'm actually not sure yet, i haven't gone to guitar center yet, to try any guitars that i was actually planning to purchase. i really don't want to spend more than $600 retail, which translates to $480 with a %20 coupon from musiciansfriend. im really not set on any guitar/amp yet, im still shopping around.