Ok, well, I'm stuck between the two. I have a really tight budget, and can only technically afford a guitar under $500, but, I'm looking at the Hellraiser for $800, and thinking, how much better is it than the Damien for $450? Do you think it would be worth saving up another $350 for it?

I play mostly metal, though I like clean once in a while. This will be my second guitar. I can't go and try them out because my music shop doesn't have them in stock.

Also, if there's another guitar that you think would be better than either one, let me know. Try to keep it under $650 though.

- Thanks
I own the Damien 6. And I got it for under $500. I love it. VERY much.
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Yes, I suggest you save up for the Hellraiser which is a much better guitar. I believe the Hellraiser has a better bridge and better pickups. It is also a full mahogany guitar.

The Damien FR is nice in its price class, the Hellraiser is very nice in its price class. Buy a Damien FR now and want a Hellraiser later, or save up and buy what you would want to end up with right away.

However, I recommend you look at the ESP LTD 500 series. They are around 600 bucks, and very nice guitars.
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The Hellraiser is also a set neck guitar, as opposed to the Damien which is a bolt on neck.
Id say the hellraiser, but have you thought about the C1 FR?, its a great guitar from personal experience, although it is a bolt on instead of the set neck, but none-the-less a solid instrument. It was also reviewed in guitar world i think as one of the "top 10" guitars for less than $750.
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Thanks guys. I went ahead and got the Damien though because I found it for $300 new with blemish.

I'll get the Hellraiser within a year or so, whenever I save up for it. I just thought the Damien was a pretty darn good deal.
O right lol I never read that but you did end up doing what I said would happen.
Hellraiser will be very much worth it.

EMG 81/85 > EMG HZ (HZs sound like ass IMO)
OFR > LFR (at least I think the Damien has an LFR...)
Mahogany > basswood
Set neck > bolt on
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Quote by lukeekul
O right lol I never read that but you did end up doing what I said would happen.

Yeah, I did that because the guitar I have is crap and it's going down further everyday. It's a Washburn x7, one of those that came in the pack with an amp for $100. It's got major fret buzz even after I got it setup, the tone knob is busted, one of the tuner keys fell apart and I had to go out and get a new one. So, I really needed a new guitar and it's going to take months, if not over a year for me to save up for the Hellraiser. I saw the deal on the Damien, and I went for it. Yeah, like I said, I'll still get the Hellraiser eventually, but now I won't be so pressured to get a new guitar.

I know, you're probably like, then why'd you make the thread if you're not going to listen to advice? Well, when I made the thread, I hadn't found the deal on the Damien, my current guitar wasn't as far into the ditch as it is now, and I thought I was going to have a way to make money but that sorta fell through which means it'd take more time for me to save up.
the damien FR is very good, but nothing can top a Hellraiser FR
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