I've been looking at a lot of lyrics lately, trying to find a style that I liked. and I heard Otep Shamaya (from Otep)'s lyrics and I love the darkness and anger in them. Can anyone help me recreate these sorts of lyrics?
I would say the best way to come up with more brutal/darker lyrics is to write down how you feel and why you feel angry, sorry if it sounds kinda emo, but its the best thing to do.

so one wrong you? tell us the story

girlfriend break up with you or cheat on you? tell us how you truly feel, dont give us cookie cutter bull**** like " I miss her. " what people want to hear in these brutal lyrics is how pissed off you are, or turn it into a story about how society ****s us all.
Wait a minute....if you have sex with someone else with herpes you get SuperHerpes???

....awww shit.
Or you can write about something dark and fictional Iced Earth's Album "The Dark Saga" was about Spawn (The comic/movie/tv series) and was originally intended to be the soundtrack for the movie, but wasn't... But evil fictional stuff is always good. Or you could be a cheater like me and write about Hell (really easy imo)
just listen to whats out there immerse yourself in darkness and pick up a pen and see what happens
im in the fastlane on the highway to hell
^ thats a good one although words like blood and choke don't sound cliche when used in the right context. Fictional Suicide/Murder/Vampire or monster stuff is cool, just make up stories, it's what I do.
A lot of dark lyrics that I've seen have some conceits (stretched-out metaphors) in them. That sort of stuff can really add depth to something. I hate it when people mistake darkness for depth, but it's beautiful when they're combined.


I'd like to eat glass with you someday.


Paraphrase: I'd like to smoke a cigarette with you someday (cigarette smoking was called "eating glass" due to fiberglass filters in the cigs)

Deeper meaning: I'd like to meet you someday, see how you think.

That line puts all of those thoughts into one line and inspires people reading to look further into the lyrics. I know that's not the darkest and heaviest line ever, but it's a good example.

Crit my writing!
So good to see you once again.
I thought that you were hiding.
And you thought that I had run away.
Chasing the tail of dogma.
I opened my eye and there we were .