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0 0%
2 1%
31 11%
84 29%
72 25%
49 17%
25 9%
22 8%
4 1%
2 1%
Voters: 291.
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But a tube amp is higher on my wish list right now, as i already have the perfect guitar and cab
I own 3 well 4 if you count my little red one...in which you can still jam on it!!... or 5 if you count the ****ty acoustic i have tossed in the shed cause the neck is bent...
and i own 2 amps........
o.O and currently have my friends amp and bass over.....
and to think i have the smallest room in the house =[
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Used to have 3:
A Jasmine tekanime (sp?) acoustic
An Ibanez Gio (from a starter pack)
A Fender Showmaster

One of my friends threw Pizza pockets at the acoustic. I still have it, but its all ****ed up now...
I sold my Ibanez Gio for $15
I love my Fender Showmaster.

Basically, I have 2, but only use 1...
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I'm up to 5, yet I still don't own a decent amp ...

Sell 4 of them and buy an amp.
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3 but one of them has no strings


I have three electric guitars and one bass.
EDIT:Well, then I have 2 more but they aren't put together right now... so five.

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2 electric guitars
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2 acoustic (one's a 12 string)
4 electric
a mandolin
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1 acoustic guitar and 2 electric basses and uno ****ty amp
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i have six if you count my bass.
i have 3 epiphones one les paul jr, one dot, and one acoustic model (not quite sure what kind) one squire tele deluxe (sounds great, but i helps that i refinnished it and but new pickups in" and my first a washburn one i got at best buy (i have it in A tuning right now ADGBEB) and mostly use it for moding when im in the mood.
2 AC/E's
1 mini acoustic
2 electrics
1 bass

Though, only two of them are of much quality.
I have 5 guitars.
Fender Acoustic
Martin 0X1 acoustic
Fender 12 string Acoustic
Fender Jagstang
Fender Telecaster

I've got 6 guitars if you coun't the squire, but I haven't played it in almost 3 1/2 years so I don't.

I also have a Epiphone EB-0 bass and 2 amps. A 200 watt solid state that I use for live stuff, and a 5 watt tube that I use for recording.
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Two electrics that I play, one acoustic I travel with, and a bass I only use once in a while. so 4. I only counted the guitars though
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I have 6

Ibanez Iceman (where my username comes from)
Ibanez 540Sltd
Yamaha Classical guitar
Takamine "Jasmine" steel string acoustic (my first)
Ibanez electric bass (cant be assed to remembert the model number)
and my very favorite
Martin DC 16GTE
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Two...Well, three, but really two.
I've got an Ibanez RG350DX, a standard Telecaster, and a reject off brand acoustic that I got when I was six and named "Old Man Jenkins".
I accidentally clicked one for the poll. I have two.
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I have 2 eletric;

-Gretsch Synchtomatic
-Peavey Rotor EXP

and 1 locally owned Acousic
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I have two, an acoustic and an electric, but I'm getting another electric (Ibanez RG7321) on Wednesday, so I'll just put 3.
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**** i completely forgot about my acoustic

i shoulda voted 3... oh well

still need a good amp, currently using an RP150 through headphones or computer speakers
Carvin DC400 - Nice!
Kramer Striker (new from musicyo) - Alright, def. not a carvin though.
****ty Squier starter guitar (20th anniversary Bullet, for some reason they decided to put an EMG81 in it
Montana MT 104-N Dreadnought acoustic. Hopefully to be replaced sometime in the next year or so. There seems to be a ton of acoustics on craigslist here, but I'm kinda interested in the Carvin Cobalt c750. We'll see.

Future puchases... new amp! Not sure what though. It will come eventually. Also looking into a BYOC Fuzz (not sure which model) and Confidence Booster (hey, it's free).
And afterwards, thinking of getting a Carvin neckthrough and building on it. Maybe a V or explorer shape.

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only starting my collection. 2 at the moment. 1 electric, 1 acoustic. 1 more elctric on the way, 3 months on the way to be exact and my patience is running very low. In fact if Tommy Lee Music doesn't call me and tell me that my guitar is ready to get picked up in the next 4 days im going to go over there and rape and kill every single employee.
Sorry for my little rant but it has been 3 months.
Jackson Dinky DK2L
Epiphone LP Standard
Yamaha Acoustic
Bugera 1990 w/ Peavey 2x12 cab
2 electrics: Mexican Strat with aftermarket Seymour Duncan JB-4, and a Jackson Stars RRJ1-EK semi-custom. Then I also have a Fender Jazz bass.

Still in need of a decent amp, my Vox AD15VT just isn't cutting it for me.
2 guitars.

A average classical that i learnt on for about a year. Dont play it anymore.
A vintage early-mid 80's MIJ Fender Stratocaster '54 reissue.
7 Feb 2008, Melbourne, Australia
23 Feb 2011, Melbourne, Australia
4 Mar 2011, Melbourne, Australia

I have 2 guitars.

Fender Acoustic LH
Fender Stratocaster LH
Electric, Acoustic and Portuguese Guitar (if you don't know what those look like look them up).
3 guitars and a banjo

1 was free
1 was $50
1 for about $200
and the banjo was free too
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