Alright, so right now I already have a Rogue RB120 120W 15" Combo Amp. What I was thinking of doing was I just found that Gallien-Krueger Brat Pack on Musician's Friend, and I was wondering if I add that to my setup if that would be good. I was asking because it comes with a 125W head and 200W 15" speaker (which should give me 320W total availablem, 245 useable). I really need to add some volume to my bass, because I'm trying to play with a metal band (3 Inches of Blood, Opeth, etc...), a rock band (Smashing Pumpkins, Godsmack, etc...), friends (Korn, Metallica, Lamb of God, etc...), and by myself (metal, rock, classical, etc...). So, I need something that has some range, and that with the resulting 4 or 5-piece band situations that I would be able to be heard. Obviously, I would really like to deck my setup out with the Ampeg 810 and Ampeg SVT4 PRO head, but considering the price, would the suggested setup work very well?

Rogue RB120 120W 15" Combo Amp
Gallien-Krueger RB250 125W Head
Gallien-Krueger 115BPX 200W 15" Cabinet

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