i recently bought an american deluxe strat.. so ive been messing around a few minutes go and was soling and i bent my G string up on the 16th fret and it felt wierd. I looked at the metal things that seperate the frets and theres a dent in it. Every time i bend the g string it goes inside the dent and it feels wierd.... i can probably get used to it but is it a problem i should take to guitar center to get it fixed?
is it too late to take back? ive had it for a few weeks. i didnt notice it then because it was so small.
never to late
say your not leaving the store until you get a new one and also something free for your troubles (more for me)

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depends on where you bought it, my local shop has 15 year warranty, no questions asked. Most places are pretty good about stuff like that.
its fairly obvious to the trained eye if a particular type of damage was caused recently or earlier. the dudes at the store will probably believe you.
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in that case, get the fret replaced. you'll pay though.
well is it a big enuff damage that i must replace it? i really like my guitar lol and not having it for a few weeks to wait for a new one will kill me
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aww but its my baby. ive gotten attatched to her ): lol

lol, thats happens to me sometimes, when i have to take stuff back, i don't want to
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