I want to play some stuff like Drive or Wonderwall, beautiful chordy songs, if that makes sense to you guys, but yeah.. anyone else know of any more easy songs as such?

Thanks in advance.
the needle and the damage done by neil young
black by pearl jam
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Solitary Shell by Dream Theater has a great "chordy" intro, one of the best I've ever heard.

Does get kind tough halfway through though. It's not impossible like most some Dream Theater songs, but its just tough.
I'm assuming you mean acoustic stuff
we're going to be friends by the white stripes
desperado by the eagles (took me a while to get those chords down but i am a newb)
i am the highway by Audioslave
hey there delilah by the plain white T's (I know I know, I can't believe i put it either, I hate music like that, but I do think that the chords in it are pretty cool)
gauranteed bye eddie vedder
until we fall by audioslave (awesome on the acoustic)

and I dont know, those are just the ones I like to play
shade by silverchair (one of my favorite songs to play, sounds cool on acoustic or electric)
tomorrow by silverchair (also can sound cool on the acoustic)
You got me wrong- Alice in Chains.
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The Rain song - Led Zeppelin
Strange tuning but it took me a day to get most of the songs intro so im motivated to finish learning the thing, but its still a little hard in some parts and pretty damn long...
Hey Hey My My, into the blue version. Cool intro riff and only about 5 chords to learn, plus you can beat the **** out of the guitar Neil young style
bretheher - biffy clyro
easy to learn and sounds cool when played right

jack johnson is pretty good too for chords