Ok for a preface: See I went into Guitar Center to buy my first guitar, I just bought the one that sounded best, which was the Ibanez RG5. The salesguy who knew I knew next to nothing about guitars, failed to mention that this one has a floating bridge, and that you practically need to be trained to restring it, or even tune it for the most part. So after I popped a string, I had it professionally restrung, and decided to sell it, in favor of one strung through the body. Since I'm learning it's more than I want to deal with.

So I popped into a different Guitar Center, and long story short, I ended up with the Ibanez RG3. The EMG designed pick ups sound incredible, much better than the RG5 and it's just sooo purdy. Thing is, the guy I had restring my other one, also set the action really low, it played like a dream, and the action is quite a bit higher on the new one. So I was hoping someone could give me tips on how to lower the action on this one myself.

Also, one thing this guitar doesn't have is tremolo, which I miss. It is possible to get another bridge that has tremolo for it right? If so, what am I looking for? Where am I looking for it? And is it something I can do myself(doubtfull)?

Thanks in advance guys.
I've never used this guitar but from the pictures I'm looking at, it looks like it hould have fine tuners in each of the string saddles which you can adjust with a small allen key. This will raise/lower the action for each string.
As for the tremolo, there are 3 main types, Bigsby, standard and Floyd Rose style. Depending on what kind of music you're looking to play, I'd recommend either the standard or FR style trem.
The FR isn't great for beginners like you but it has a huge range of slack/tightening and great tuning stability, whereas the standard trem tends to go out of tune easily and not a very big range but its easier to use.
As for installing one, you'd have to have some routing done on your guitar to accomodate for it which wouldn't be worth the money, you'd be better off sticking with the RG5 or upgrading to an S-Series Ibanez.
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Well floyd rose always means floating bridge right? So thats out. That would mean the standard(why not Bigsby?). Would routing also be necissary for the standard? The S series are all FR, and the SA series guitars don't use EMG pick ups(neither do S series btw).

I mean if I can't get tremolo I'd still be very happy with this guitar. But there's no way out of paying a fortune to add a non FR bridge with tremolo?
I'd really like an answer, is it that big a deal to put a non floating bridge, bridge with tremolo on a guitar?
locking tremolos > nonlocking trems.

And it'd be much harder to switch out one for the other on a guitar not designed with one or other in mind.
To answer your question about the Bigsby... A Bigsby is somewhat purposed for very subtle vibrato, and isn't really good, or may not be able to do, bar dives in the way that an FR or standard trem can.

The FR is hard to figure out the first time, but once you get it it's, if not easy, not difficult either. Just takes some patience. I have a guitar with an FR and it was aggravating the first time I changed the strings.

The standard tremolo is not really good for much of anything just IMO. But then again, I've never really used a good one, so I can't claim a lot of knowledge with them.

As for setting the action on your RG3, I'm assuming you mean the RG321, which has a fixed strat-type bridge. Try this site: Strat's Dot :: Setting String Height (Action)

Edit: The standard trem is the only non-floating trem that I am aware of. Both the FR and Bigsby float. And it's a lot of work to put either an FR or standard trem in a guitar not routed for them.
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