What do you guys think of the Jackson DK2M? Perfomance wise? whats its strengths and weaknesses?

* Alder body
* Rock maple bolt-on neck
* Bound rosewood compound-radius fingerboard
* 24 frets
* 25-1/2" scale
* 1-11/16" nut
* Matching headstock
* Jackson-licensed Floyd Rose low-profile double locking trem
* Sharkfin inlays
* Binding binding
* Dual Seymour Duncan humbuckers
* Black hardware

a thing it should have is two volumes and two tone control knobs, for each humbucker, obviously..
but apart from that, I don't know anythingabout it.
I have it, in that picture, the white looks grey and the natural fretboard finish looks dull.

Its so much sexier in real life

Tell ya the truth, i'm not a fan of 24 fret bolt ons.

It doesnt need 2 tone and 2 vol knobs so disregard that statement.

Look up what SD's it has, i think it has the sh-4 and jazz combination, its pretty ok, i play metal, if the feel was good, i.e. 22 fret glued in, then itd be perfect but its pretty hot
yeah that is one attractive geetar.
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funny I'm seeing this.. I just bought one of these the other day.

It's a fantastic playing guitar, the thing stays in tune through hell. The pickups are a bit sterile for my taste, I'm waiting for my pair of DiMarzios in the mail. I won't bother going through each component, they're all high quality. I definitely suggest giving it a go.

The white is very sexy too!
I've got one (in white) and I love it....

Only negative thing is the pickups....

I don't think the JB is too great...The Jazz in the Neck is pretty good, though...

Ive got a new pickup (Rockmonkey Neobucker) but I've not got round to installing it yet...
It's a great guitar, the JB's in the bridge can be a bit bright for an alder body guitar. I'm thinking of changing the JB in my DK2 to a Dimarzio Tone Zone.
it should have blackouts / emgs, be 27" and have another string.

good guitar though. neck felt a bit skimpy for me.

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