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take a look at all three songs and please give feedback, positive/negative. Click the link below. Genres: AlternRock/Grunge

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****ing awesome! Euthenasia gave me alot shivers, amazing song. Great solo, great vocals too. I didn't find the other songs as special, but Euthenasia is a potential single if it gets better production. Keep this up, one of the best unsigned bands I've heard on UG.
Pretty nice songs dude!
If you'd remaster the songs they could become very respected by the mainstream I think!
Also, that is one of the things I don't like THAT much, the songs are really 'normal', know what I mean?
They are really nice, but there are pretty much of these bands around allready.
However, I don't know much unsigned bands that sound this good, so that's a big plus .
Oh, a little critic on the solo at Black and Bust, you should work on your vibrato a bit, the vibrato was kinda' outta tune and boring. I loved the overall guitar parts btw.
Great songs, Keep it up!
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Know I've commented here before, but I just wanna say that Euthenasia is totally stuck in my head. I've listened to it at school and at home. Hope you guys get big some day
I liked Euthanasia, or however it's spelled. Didn't really listen to the others since I'm a little busy at the moment, but for Euthanasia, here it is.

Great vocals, the intro guitar riff reminds me of Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. Overall, the mixing quality sucks, but the song itself is damn good IMO.
Yeah, sounds pretty good. Nice songwriting, and I like the style.
Hey outlaw, thanks for the crit, appreciate it!

Anyways, I really like your guys' sound. Very mellow, but with a nice driving force behind it. Especially on "Black on Bust" (my favorite track of the three), the guitar work, both the solo and the main riff are hypnotic, love it. Keep it up!
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tsk tsk tsk ... really bad. i mean REALLY bad.

you guys need good influences. it's ok for you to tell us we're better.
Ok ignore fries i hope his dumb ass gets reported, dude good work, i was just in india and went to some local guitar shops only to find Givsons.....so good work @ finding some decent ****ing gear. And your stuffs pretty good too.
hey, just replying back. I really like your stuff. awesome drums and guitar. vocals are really good too. fits your style really nicely. and our rerecordings should be up once we master them.

oh, and foolish was redone completely. it starts off with that acoustic feel and then kicks in about halfway through with full band. trust me, it sounds better. thanks for the compliments
Hey man thanks for the review.. ur songs a done extremly well and the vocals are nice too.. let me no if u do any more songs cause i would like to keep posted buddy thanks.
thanks for the kind words of my band,
the vocals in those songs are really nice and mellow!


HEY!!, hey ....
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I really like this. It would be even better with some attention to the production.

Reminds me of mellow opeth + nirvana.
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reminds me of nirvana (euthanasia) and led zep (the other song) actually. or is it just me? haha. nice vox, soothing and mellow.
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