I know this is a stupid question. I only have a pick, how can I pick this two string at the same time? Don't tell me I should sweep it, this is not a chord(is this a chord?), cause there are not 0s in the B and G string.
Hybrid picking (playing the D string with the pick and the high E with one of you fingers) or just with your fingers
strum but play the stings between the fretted ones as dead notes
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Aye should have mentioned that, if you can mute the G & B strings then you can just strum across the top four strings
Use your fingers would be my first guess. Also, you could try picking the high e with your middle finger, whilst picking the D with the pick. I think John 5 did some excercises on the picking technique, try checking Youtube. Depening on exactly what you're playing, you could mute the 2 strings between them too.
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something zakk wylde does aparently hybrid between pick and finger picking
try that?
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