well i had a friend from here helping me so far with a custom strat project....i like to mess with blues playing, Not too good at it so far, haha, but its comin along, anyhow...so far this is where we are.

Alder chambered *Two piece body
American Standard Fender Tremolo route
Full body contours
Top Routed S/S/S[H]

Quarter sawn maple w/ matching fretboard
1 11/16” nut width
Black dot inlays
Gotoh/Grover tuner route
Standard 6105 frets

Graphite nut
Grover Midsize Locking Rotomatics

Total project i wanna keep under 900 if possible we have prices for that stuff so far comes up to like 500 total...I was wondering which trem is best, wont be abused to heck just want it to stay in tune, also, what pickups to go with, id like it to play blues, some rock nothing HEAVY, i got an esp i would use for that...ive been searching around and theres so many diff ones to choose from im clueless, lookin for opions, been savin up odds and ends money i woulda blown otherwise all winter including spare change which ive saved 120 bux worth of that so i dont have to dip into my savings directly for it lol..im also planning to go play some strats at store to help get an idea as well when i get closer to doing it..Thanks for any opinions!
for p'ups go for texas specials.
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