hey all.
i not long ago (like 6 months) brought a ESP ltd viper-301, which is about 4 years old now. after playn more and more on it, i realy dont like it...i think its not suited to my style of music i play. ive just joined a band where i do lead vocals and rythem guitar, and at the mo we doin like pink floyd, bit ofblack sabbath, lil bit of muse, and a few bits and pieces. with my viper i just am never really happy with the sound, especially clean. so ive decided to sell and buy another guitar.

ive been thinkn les paul or sg....both epiphone as my budget doesnt extend to gibson, and will be buying used, which doesnt bother me at all. strats dont appeal to be at all, not evern a little, and teles dont do much for me either. can anyone recomend something else suitable?

any ideas or insight would be great thanks
how are you liking the viper for playability? An SGs shape is pretty similair to the viper :P.
If you do decide to go for an epiphone sg or les paul, the model makes all the difference in the world. Epi lp custom > epi lp 100 :P

u sure u dont wanna save up for a gibson? Sumtimes u can get a used gibson sg for 550 dollars... well worth the wait :P

dont buy anything unless its a significant upgrade from your esp (you have a working guitar! Remember that before you end up 3 years along the line with 3 middle range guitars instead of 1 high end rock machine)
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epiphones tend to sound muddy clean....at least the ones i had. I would suggest getting a schecter. they are very good guitars that dont cost an arm and a leg.
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i find the viper prety easy to play, its just the sound that is putting me off. im only going to sell it if i can get what i think its worth, so im not desperate to sell, but yeh. the viper 301 isnt made anymore, so can someone tell me, when it was brand new, how did it compare, like pricewise to a epi lp custom, or a epi sg? is it about the same quality guitar?

May I suggest a Schecter Tempest Custom?
(Vintage White of course)