Hey, this is a vid of myself (on guitar) and some mates playing a classic tune..


Tell me what you think!]

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I liked that intro, I wish the quality of the sound was better though, I know its not you fault. But I would love to hear you guys record this in a studio, cause from I can here all the music is good. The vox, meh, I like em, but I am so use to hearing kiedis and his uniqueness really express this song. So not that you ruined it or anything, you made it your own and thats cool, I am just a big peppers fan thats all. The solo was alright, too modern for me, but it was good, could use a little cleaning up, but its live so its all good. Even the peppers mess up live, especially kiedis. But you guys to have the stage presence as the peppers, so thats good, I am sure it was a better hearing it there. But overall not a bad cover man, from what I can hear. I like your interpretation. Good stuff, keep it up, and I mean the music, not anything else... hahaha.
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