Hey Ive been playing acoustic guitar for a while, but I recently scored an old electric off a friend of mine. Im getting a really clean, crisp sound, and when I play it sounds like a solo from a Johnny Cash song. I was wondering if it is the amp or guitar that defines the sound. Can I get a sweet sound like Pick N Grin does without havin to buy a new guitar? How much will a decent one set me back?
The sound is effected by both the guitar and the amp. As for the sound you are looking for, you might be able to get it, but it depends on your amp and guitar. And it depends on what you mean by decent on how much a decent guitar will set you back. In my country a cheap guitar which won't let you down would cost $200 american minimum.
the amp is probably the biggest thing and then mabey a few pedals
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yeah what Regression said. Tone is affected by both the guitar and the amp. If ur looking to upgrade, you might want to try out some amps until you find one that fits your needs. Same goes with the guitar. As for price, If we were going by my definition of "decent" i would say a decent guitar would go for around $250 or higher.
What guitar do you have, by the way?
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The amp can be a huge part of your sound. A great amp can make a cheap guitar sound great! Effects and pedals can get really complicated.

I recommend getting a multi-effect pedal if you can. That is a good way to get play with a whole bunch of pedals ..all at once. You can play with a lot of different pedals and get a feel
of what works for you. I once had a Crybaby in my hand with the money out and everything and then i tested it and i couldnt do anything with it. It sounded horrible. It's magic for many players but just not for me.

As you play longer you will discover new sounds all the time. Lately I have discovered that
I have been making the huge mistake of neglecting delay* and Reverb*. Its awesome to find your own sound. Happy hunting
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The amp makes much more difference than the guitar does. The guitar does affect sound, of course, but as Washburn Fretz said, even cheap guitars can sound good through a good amp. I use a couple of el cheapos for slide, they sound very good. I had to replace a couple of pickups, but because they were really dead and wimpy, not just for bragging rights. My Squier Strat is probably the best sounding guitar I have, I've played it onstage beside other guitar players with expensive American strats and Les Pauls, it always sounds as good or better. My cheap tele copy has a bridge pickup that's probably the best sounding individual pickup of them all, I'm thinking about swapping it to the strat. Can't make up my mind though, since i like the bridge pickup that's in the strat too...

Pedals might help, it depends on what you're after soundwise and what the amp sounds like to begin with. Still, the number one ingredient for good sound is a good amp. The amp is the part that makes the most difference. Especially a tube amp...
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Thanks heaps.
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