I've got a strat copy, some random brand called Vintage, and my bro has an LP copy made by Yamaha. His guitar has excellent sustain, but mine...well...doesn't. The bridge is a floating trem and it doesn't look like much workmanship went into making it. I don't know the specs of the nut, but it seems to be in working order.

Is there a way to lengthen the sustain on my guitar? I've been thinking about getting a new fixed bridge because the trem looks ugly and I never use it. Is it possible to put a fixed bridge on a strat?
the only way I really know of to get more sustain is to swap out your pickups for some higher-output ones. but considering that your guitar is relatively cheap, you might end up spending more on pickups than you did on the actual guitar. save up some cash and get yourself a new, more expensive instrument. 9 times out of 10, you get what you pay for. if its cheap, its going to be built cheaply, if its expensive, its going to be built better.

and no, you cant put a fixed bridge on a strat with a trem. you can turn it into a fixed bridge, but Im pretty sure it would be impossible to swap out.
ah...sooo is it possible to put a fixed bridge in there or should I just opt for a better trem

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You said the bridge is floating. Now I'm guessing its a vintage type bridge and not a Floyd Rose double-locking right? Remove the back plastic cavity where the springs are. Now tighten the 2 claw screws until your bridge sits flush on the body. It will make the bridge tighter when using the whammy bar. Turn the 2 screws slowly so you dont strip them and alternate back and forth. This will add some sustain because of the bridge contact with the guitars body much like a hard tail. Its a combination of cheaper wood, weak pickup and your bridge floating. You said your brother has an LP copy, which has humbuckers so that will make a difference over lower output cheaper single coils. Hope that helped
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thanks for that

u guessed right, i dont have a FR locking trem (it would be incredibly sweet if i did tho!) i'll try what u suggested 2morrow as its quite late here. my guitar actually does have a humbucker (and 2 single coil pickups), but its pretty noname so im not expecting anything major out of it. ive been thinking of getting an ibanez or gibson/epiphone so maybe i will now
strats generally have less sustain than les paul cos theres less wood to resonate. Dont expect to get a Gibson les paul kinda sustain out of your strat knock off.
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