Express Yourself - NWA. one of the best
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you truly are a prince of men

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I get naked FOR my dog.
just to get a rep
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I am not a woman as I currently claim

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I am actually a woman, unlike Frenchy
Herbie Hancock Isn't hip hop man...

**** Tha Police, Rapper's Delight, Dear Mama...and number of Tupac songs? Not sure.
100 miles and runnin - niggaz with attitudes
****ing awesome song
yeah, and express yourself, straight outta compton, fight the power - public enemy , the message - granmaster flash and the furiuos five
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MY suggestions are all electro breakdance.

Electro>Hiphop any day of the week.
I don't know jack about hip hop, but Bust a move - young MC is a really cool track.
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im not gangster or anything ok. its for a movie we're making.. lol..

gangstarr is the rapper...

and get some beastie boys, grandmaster flash, and kurtis blow.
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

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