swedish band with an english singer. we play kinda rock / punk..dunno let you decide.

"getaway" is kind of a straight-off rock song with punk influences, "workin for the devil" is a more bluesy slower rock song and "number one" is pure punk.

check us out and plz give us a comment


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thanks a bunch
Hi I'm
Mr. JimBo R. Insane

come on plz! need some feedback. even if u hate it, at least let me know!
Hi I'm
Mr. JimBo R. Insane
thanks, cant understand why noone wants to give me their opinion. is it that bad? i used to get loads of commens with our old songs..
Hi I'm
Mr. JimBo R. Insane
Very nice songs, my favourite was either "Getaway" or "You Wanna" but it was good