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sg standard
16 57%
les paul studio
12 43%
Voters: 28.
Which one would u get for 1200.00 sg standard or les paul studio

dont mind colors

which has better equipment in it. And better for the money. Also do they make the same sound?
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Definately the SG.
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Both overpriced by gibson and then sold on at an even further increased price by musicians friend. Dont buy either. You can get loads of better guitars for less money

But if you do insist on getting one go for the SG

umm you wont find a cheaper price anywhere, especially a guitar store.
they purchase them wholesale from the manufacturer to sell at a lower than store price...

and i'd get the SG. why?

because if i get a les paul, it'd either be standard or custom. i've heard terrible things about the studio and faded series. although i hear the 80's studio's are much better
The LP Studio is not worth it. The SG on the other hand is an awesome rock n roll guitar and is way better paid.

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i vote for none f the above! i suggest a nice ibanez or schecter !


I voted SG...

Lesser of two evils I suppose...

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apples and pears.
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I already had my SG Standard when I bought my Les Paul Studio. I would want the SG first.
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i vote for none f the above! i suggest a nice ibanez or schecter !

Jesus christ, there's so many people on this forum who are totally unhelpful. If the guy is considering guitars such as Les Pauls and SGs, he's not going to want something like an Ibanez or Schecter. Nobody cares what you'd prefer to a Gibson, so stop being unhelpful.

Out of the two the best value for money is easily the SG. Gibson Studio guitars are basically the worst of any particular series, and were made for people who really want a Gibson Les Paul, but perhaps can't afford a Standard or Custom. They aren't bad guitars by any stretch of the imagination but they aren't worth the price. Either save up for a Les Paul Standard or get the SG.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I disagree that Studios are inferior. I like the 490's pickups better than the Burstbuckers. I had more than enough money for the best Les Paul, but I bought a black and chrome Studio that just kicks ass. Honeymoon for now, but be aware I have played many LP's throughout my life.
Wow lot of hate for the Studio LP. They are both the same price (relatively) correct? So the same quality wood/craftmanship goes into both we assume for the same price?

I've heard a couple of LP Studios that I like. I wouldn't tell you to get an SG because it's superior, I would just ask what kinda sound you are going for.