Reminds me of Eva by Nightwish. I think its similar to the vocal melody, from memory. But none the less good, the solo could do with a bit of work though. And maybe get rid of the blast beat towards the end.
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I love the guitar melody!
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Alright, I like the main piano intro, sounds very nice.

Guitars come in well, drums are well coordinated.

Now it gets fast, pretty much still sounds very good, especially for an intro.

I like the clean guitar coming in at bar 26 alot, very nice.

Now it's getting really fast again, and it's getting very repetitive.

The whole song from after bar 39 really needs some work and elaboration. The nice melody in the intro can't go on forever. I found the constant blast beats to be very tiresome, and the guitar riff to get numbing. The lead guitar near the end also was very poorly thought out and just basically the main riff played as fast as possible.

6/10, sounds promising, but needs elaboration.

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