Alright there peeps. I have developed a blister where a sweet callus was forming (hardcore or what). Should I keep playing or leave the finger rest? I don't want to get a sore finger that stops me playing for a couple of weeks but still want to keep playing as I am making good progress at the mo.
Practice without that finger
Unless your a chords guy.
Otherwise give it rest I'd say.
I've never had this problem, though i'd say just rest it for a day or so until the skin hardens again, or else just plough on
I am kind of doing blues scales with lots of hammer ons/pull offs using my ring finger and fore finger. so it is difficult not to use the finger. thnx anyway.
the pain is not bad i am worried about bursting it and leaving exposed tender skin that will either hurt or get infected.
It may be hard not to use your 'forefinger' which I assume is your index finger, but why not practice using your middle, ring and pinky fingers. It will help your playing alot probably.