I agree. Pretty damn good. Kind of Opethian in my eyes, but regardless, it was good.
that was pretty sick
liked the rifffs
drums are pretty tight
cant tell abou
the bass
might just be my speakers
hey thanks guys for the feedback ,it's realy cool you guys liked it

opethian ? realy ?, lol well i was thinking more like In Flames when i made it

if any of you guys wants a crit back plz link me to the song/thread
Im hearing the in flames influence, and the longer i listen to it the more of it im hearing. other then a timing issue here and there, really nice work.
I definitely hear the In Flames in the harmonies you used. Pretty tight track, I'd love to hear it with some vocals though! Some of the transitions between riffs seemed (3:03 for instance) didn't seem to flow very well. Also, the solos could use some improvement, especially at 4:30-4:50. Otherwise, good piece!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=774179
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i hear the in flames influence.. it sounds more reroute era is whats probably throwing people off, theyre expecting whoracle-clayman sound.

bass is way killing the song in parts, its clipping out the limiter (or lack of one) really bad.

the drums sound pretty good. the cymbals sound a bit too too forward, especially the HH, the snare/kick sound great but get a little lost behind the cymbals.

the lead sounds like it could be tightened up a tad, love how it goes in harmony around 4:50ish. sounds pretty on time, just a tad rough.

as for the style.. love it. pm me when a label releases your CD

fellow melodeath fan to another, heres a dark tranquillity style song im working on: Fall of the Righteous