Is it legal? It says it is, but that doesn't really mean anything...
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are you paying for it? if not then its most likely illegal
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they are usually trial versions, so i think its legal
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I don't know, it seems pretty legit to me. Also, you can download programs for free, but there are limitations and stuff if you don't actually pay.
download aint it like a mirror, it gives away freeware or trials nothing else i think

It's totally legal because all the free things are trials/downgraded version of normally paid for things. The stuff that has to be paid for... well you can't download without buying it.
yes its legal. they are all legal trail versions of the programs.. its safe.
It's completely legal. Some programs are only test versions with certain limitations, other programs are full programs that simply doesn't cost anything to use.
it is legal and can be of very good help!

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yea it gives trails that you have to pay for to keep or get the full product, but it also makes freeware available, emphisise free, these are programs that made for free downloading. Also doesn't it have somthing to do with Microsoft. Also it may or may not be legal but i can also be safe.

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Download.com is legal because generally everything you get off it is a free trial.
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ok, nevermind ignore my earlier post, i didn't know it was trials, i just gave you the standard downloading answer, if you don't pay, it USUALLY is illegal
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That's one of the biggest downloading sites in the world (I think). Of course it's legal.
great thing abou Cnet/download.com is that everything is user reviewed and rated, and you can be pretty sure anything you get from there is spyware/adware/virus free