10 14 20 28 38 48 or close to that in nickel plated steel?

D`Addario does a pack like that in chromes which'd b good for blues but probably not metal.

Consider buying loose strings and putting together your own combinations.
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There's only small shops near me and they don't sell many sets or loose strings.

I just found out D`Addario a set of 10 14 22 30 38 49 in nickelplated steel, that seems cool.

I'm quite curious about chrome strings now thou, what are they like?

They're what are called flatwound strings. The wound strings are wound with a flat strip of chrome instead of nickel/steel wire. Thus even the low E string feels almost completely smooth. Flatwounds were originally developed to reduce finger noise (a trait at which they excel). For the most part flatwounds carry a reputation of being very warm yet mellow sounding, but the attack is not very pronounced as there is significantly less pick friction when striking them. This makes them perfect for thick, clean jazz/blues tones but completely worthless for hard rock/metal.

Due to the nature of flatwounds, it's much preferred to run ridiculous string sizes (I used .13's or .14's in standard tuning) as they sound much thicker and are easier on the fingers.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
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EB sells the individual strings so you could mix and match. But its really hard to find 10 flat wounds. Jazz guys use em and they want 12s or 13s. Ddarrio makes a set of .10 half wounds but they are stainless and pretty hard on fret wire.