Ok guys, I've been struggling with grasping the concepts of scales. I think that finally they are starting to make a little sense. I can play a scale up and down one string no problem because it is easy for me to follow the WWHWWWH pattern for one string. I've been running into some confusion applying this pattern across the strings but i think its making a little more sense now. I've done my best to tab out a C major scale and a G major scale. Are these correct. Also, when playing across strings, is going from a fretted not on one string to an open string (i.e. going from G on the 6th string to A on the open A string) a whole step or a half step. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help.

G Major
for the g major scale the pattern is

D 245
A 235
E 3 5

an easier way [for me at least ] to play a major scale would be

D 4 5 7
A 3 5 7
E 3 5 7

you can take that shape and use it for any major scale

a g on your 6th string is a wholestep away from your open fith string.
Ok i almost had it. It is an f# instead of an f because there is a half step in between f# and g right? If it had been f and g, it would have been a whole step, violating the WWHWWWH form. Is this right? Also, when you go from one string to the next regardless if it is to an open string or fretted note, is that considered a whole step? Thanks a bunch