Huge box that's well taped up! Took me ages to open. >_>

So... much... tape...

Got the tape off. It's a Jackson... but what kind!?

Jackson RR3! How sexy.

What's this!? (Top left corner...)

Signed by the members of Bullet For My Valentine! Haha. Sweet. (Note: I am actually not a big fan, and yes, I've got The Poison stored somewhere on my PC).


Just a little background information, I won this guitar in a competition where you are meant to mail in the nickname for guitarist, which was 'Padge'. The competition was in the EMP magazine which I have never heard of, found it in my bro's room and thought I would enter for fun. Surprise for me!

Anyways, the guitar is pretty decent, not used to the RR shape at all. Video here! The guitar is kinda hard to sit with, just need to adjust to the changes.

My mates keep nagging at me that this guitar could sell for a **** load (well, more than the RRP anyway), who agrees? I doubt they are many people willing to whip out £450+ for this guitar even if signed by BFMV...
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Sweet. Congrats man, I love the finish.

...I think I'm a bit jealous...
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I personally don't care too much for the BFMV sigs..but damn that is a nice Jackson buddy!
nice!!, this is the first time i have actually seen proof that those Competitons actually give you the prizes, think they overdid the tape a bit though :P:
Well done man! Quality guitar you've got there. However, I'd definitely try to sell it for a bigger price (and it probably will) and then buy another RR (which one depends on how much profit you make).

However there'd certainly be no shame in keeping it as it's a fantastic guitar.


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great guitar, use lemon oil to get the ink off..!

What a stupid thing that would be to do. You get rid of any, uh, 'shame' you may get from the signatures but you also get rid of the opportunity to sell it for more than a normal RR3 would.
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nice. if you can find out how much it's worth, or how much someone is willing to pay for it, and it is a pretty penny, sell it and get that guitar you really REALLY want.

maybe go to a BFMV fan club, website etc and tell them what youve got. you may be able to exploit their desire to possess something that the guys from BFMV touched and signed. chances are they will be drooling so their intelligence will be temporarily lower and they wont know much about guitars, so you can tell them that it is a rare rare model made especially for BFMV and their guitarist played it onstage, which will raise its status in their eyes to "holy artefact".

voila. the price of it will rise and youve just made some profit, which you can spend on a better guitar or a great amp. if youre not into using other people's gullibility to your advantage, then good for you.

(but a little slice of a mini-scam here and there never hurt anyone.)
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(but a little slice of a mini-scam here and there never hurt anyone.)

I don't think selling it for a mint to a fan of the band would be a mini-scam at all, I mean, imagine if there was a guitar signed by your favorite guitarist and you were a collector, you'd probably be perfectly willing to spend quite a bit on it.

Also, I second the "sell it and then get an identical RR + Profit" motion.
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I would sell it if it was mine. Not a fan of Jackson's necks, and BFMV are great but I still don't want their names signed on my guitar.
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Thanks guys!

I'm not sure whether to sell it or not, it's nice to win a decent guitar with it signed too!
yeah that's right. good point. i should proofread my posts
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

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I recently got a RR3 they are nice axes...even if they are mssing 2 frets ..lol

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That would've been a nice guitar if not for the signiature. Sucks to be you.
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in my guitar world mag it said padge uses ESPs and has a signature model.. i'm surprised they didn't send you one of those. I think Matt Tuck also uses esp.. but jackson's still cool.
niiice d00d
being signed by BFMV probably lowered the value...

nice guitar though, can't complain for the price!
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