I'm having trouble deciding on whether to get the new 2008 Standard or just the Deluxe Stratocaster. If you had to pick, which one would you choose and why? Certain pros and cons to each of them? Any help would be appreciated
I have a 06 MIA strat, so I might be of service here...

I picked it over the Deluxe, because I personally disliked the MOP inlays and S1 system. I would never use the S1, and the inlays were too glamourous for me. The neck did feel nice, and if I could choose again, I would pick the Deluxe with a rosewood fretboard instead of maple. But I do love my MIA strat, and the 08's look pretty nice as well. It's all up to personal preference and which feels better to you when you play. It also depends on what amp you have, because you might want to get a new amp first.
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