Hey guys, as soon as I can get a job and/or get my tax return its going to be upgrading time for me. I've pretty much decided on the Ibanez S470 for my next guitar. I've been reading a lot of reviews on here and musicians friend and it seems to be a well liked guitar, plus I played it, an RG, a Jackson, and a Schecter once at Guitar Center, I really liked them all, but the RG's trem has had horrible reviews (and I dont want to shell out for the prestige especially since I dont like the RG body that much), the Schecter didnt have quite a fast or nice feeling of a neck, and I cant put my finger on why, but I just didnt like the Jackson all that much. I should also say I play a kinda big range of stuff, but I mostly play older rock and metal.

The only thing with me is that I am sort of cheap and I have no qualms about buying used gear provided its not banged up and abused to save a couple hundred bucks. My main questions are about the older S470s vs the newer ones, mainly regarding the necks and trems. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they've been using the Wizard II neck for some time, is that true? What about the trem? I've heard/read that the ZR trem is leaps and bounds ahead of the crappy Edge III on the RG's, but do the older ones come with it too? I'm not too worried about the pickups, thats something thats easily replaced if they arent what I want after I get the new amp. I really love the new blue burst finish too, but looks are about the last thing I care about when getting a new guitar.

I have no problem spending the money necessary to get a decent guitar (within reason of course), but if I can get a perfectly good used one for $350-$450, then thats all the closer I am to a new amp. Any input appreciated, thanks all.
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Well Dragonforce use the Ibanez S470 so I really don't think you've got much to worry about in terms of the tremolo :P. I can vouch for it being great too, even compared with an OFR its far superior. As for the neck, its Wizard II or III, I frgot but there isn't much difference bteween the two as far as I know.
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Yes, the S470 has or had been already using Wizard II's for quite a while now (I think they did back in the early 90's where they cutted the productions from Japan and shifted it to Korea.)

Yes, Older S470's may or may not come with a Lo-TRS I / Lo-TRS II and do take note that these Lo-TRS are either in the Edge IIIs realm or below.

Do inspect the guitar first if you're buying used.
Hmm, Herman Li of DragonForce did indeed use an S470, but that was BEFORE DF formed. He uses an S Prestige now. Older (pre-2000) models have basic trems - you most definitely want a ZR term.
The ZR trem is a work of art. Where on the Edge and normal FRs, there is a knife-edge balancing it, the ZR is physically joined to the guitar. Li holds his entire guitar solely by the whammy bar in Through the Fire and Flames. Very strong. And cos of the stopbar, tuning stability is pretty much perfect. It shouldn't go out of tune for months .
DO NOT buy Edge III trems. the knife-edge is cheap and really bad quality. It'll wear out in a couple of months, so you can rule out the RG.
New S470s have 21mm-thin necks and are made in Korea by Cort, so they're pretty high quality. New, they hover around the £300-£400 mark, though GAK in the UK sells them for £327 (2nd Feb - I get mine ).


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They had, up to '93, Lo-Pro trems i believe, after that they changed it to Lo-TRS, I don't know when they changed it to the ZR, but I'd check the dates.
New ones, (like the one I own) have the ZR tremolo, which is awesome. However, the backstop in the back will need to be taken out if you want to "warble" it, the backstop makes it more solid, stops strings going out of tune when one breaks etc, however the steadiness makes it slightly harder (barely though) to do the whammy techniques.
If you go used make sure it has the Lo-pro or ZR, not the Lo-TRS.

Great guitars, I favour mine over my (USA made) Carvin sometimes. Gettin her re-painted (desert yellow, yum) and having a new neck made for her.
Sweet, thanks guys. I'll have to keep looking to figure out when the ZR started being used, I kinda want to get this one and be done upgrading until I want/need another guitar to set up differently i.e. drop tunings, more/less agressive pickups, etc. When that time comes I can see myself with maybe an Ibanez XPT700 or Iceman, or even a Gibson/Epiphone Explorer or Flying V, but I want to wait on one of those "crazy" body styles until later. Hell, maybe I will just get another S series, we'll see. Thats atleast a good couple years out anyway.

I kinda think I will just keep an eye out for a decently priced used S470 for the time being. There is a '05 around here for $350 that has the ZR trem, but where I dont really care about the color, this is one that I would not get. Honestly there's only a handful of finishes that I actually like and a lot of finishes that I dony especially like but I can make due, this is ugly enough that I really dont like the finish, but also I dont have the money now. Anyway, thanks for the help and advice!
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S470 was rolled out in '93 with the LoPro, but shortly thereafter got moved to LoTRS. It's damn near impossible to find one of the few 93s that had a LoPro, and no need to search either, since a good 540 is so much easier to find.

2003+ models of the 470 have the ZR, the earlier ones (03-04) have the first generation, which is not as good as the current ones. Any 470 below that date will almost certainly have the LoTRS.
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