Does anybody own the Ableton Live recording software? I don't have the complete version of the software, I have an M-Audio interface and the software came with the interface. I can record easily with the software...the trouble I am having is adding in backing tracks and then recording over them...does anybody have any advice?
there are two ways,
in the sort of "jam" mode which ableton opens in, press ctrl+T drag the track in from the folder veiwer on the left hand side.
in the other mode (press tab) press cntrl+T and again drag it in, but there is more control over the track you paste in and the track you record
the way you suggested works for what file type? does that work for midi or wav files?
i dragged the backing track files into my project that i am workin on, but i cannot get them to produce any sound. the program recognizes them and the volume meter on the certain track is going up and down, but nothing is being output from my computer...