Hey, I got a cube 30 rite now and I feel it doesn't have enough volume to play with my band (my drummer is an ass that plays too loud) well i just want to know where to go from here, Im think of something with 60 watts i dont think i can afford something with 120 watts and stereo speakers or whatever...I've checked into the cube 60 pretty expensive and I'm getting tired of the "cube" sound. My friend suggested something from Marshall but I dont know where to start...

this is my rig:
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you won't find a marshall worth having for lower than the price of a cube 60.
based on you rig, i'm guessing you play metal, if not some heavy rock. thus you're better off waiting for a while until you can get some more cash together (sorry to say that). i can't think of any good high-gain amps in that pricerange. maybe someone else can help
i havea cube 60 and its kick ass

i would say for a peavey valve king 112 ( or it might be cheaper in US)
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not too fond of spiders but they are quite affordable, and yea i play metal, thrash and groove mostly, most people say that spiders suck though, Ive only played it once i think it was a spider 2 15 or something the insane sound is awesome, but im not sure how loud it can go