We are a band out of Roanoke, IL (Bloomington and Peoria Area). We have a very good drummer and bassist. I play mostly rhythm guitar (fairly well I think). We need a lead guitarist and a vocalist or someone that can do both. We play any song that we like, we don't limit ourselves to playing covers of only one band. We play mostly rock, right now stuff from the 90's and 00's. If you can play or sing send us a message. We want to get out and play some gigs ASAP.
Cmon guys we need a singer and guitar player!!!

(I'm the bass player BTW)
I'm a little far from you (STL), but I sing the kind of music you're describing.

If you're interested, I could even put you guys up in my house for a weekend to try it out.
i play guitar, but i can't sing :\ i can inhale scream if that helps?(: and i don't care what kind of genre we play just as long as it sounds good. i live in Oak Lawn, it's in the chicago area, let me know if you're interested!