During the fighting, words come down like rain
Storms of lighting and thunder swell in my brain
I spit out the frustration I cook in my veins
punched a hole through my door, now I’m kicking its frame

We’ve hit turbulence in the air
This flight has no destination anymore
The plane shakes like an earthquake
And the tray table falls and smacks me in the face

And its all the fault of this storm I’ve created
The addictive anger I selfishly bathed in
I’ve cursed my cards, and this hand I’ve been dealt
While exhausting all scapegoats I tighten my safety belt

Everyone reveals their secrets
When it’s confirmed that the plane is going down
The good and the bad, all that needs to be said
is Pulled out of a shoe box, and

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

So somehow we’ve landed
In an empty field by the coast
Everyone’s survived the crash
Everyone’s heard what’s been said

Everyone accepts the secrets
That came out when the plane was going down
The good and the bad, all that had to be said
Is stuffed back in the shoe box, and

I love you
(im sorry)
I still love you
(im sorry)
I love you
(im sorry)
I’ll always love you
(im sorry)

song is in the link in the profile (going to arizona)