I've been playing or about 2-3 years now
and my SG is starting to wear out
should i replace it, but i've saved up enough to buy a new Fender Duluxe Telecaster
And i need some help choosing
Yes, i love paramore, all of them Not just Hayley =]
(That Includes Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor)
1. Budget? We could recommend you all sorts of guitars, unless you give us a price range to work with.
2. What kind of music do you play? Do you plan on playing metal, jazz, rock etc.? Or do you span out and play loads of genres?
3. Is there any particular guitars that you like? E.g. Telecaster, Les Paul, Warlock etc. etc.
4. Do you need a floating trem of sort?
5. Can you go second hand?
6. Have you tried out any guitars? Can try out any guitars in a guitar store nearby you or are they all too far?

Answering each question makes it much easier to recommend a guitar.
How can you wear out a guitar in 2 years and Stevie Ray doesn't wear his out in his lifetime.
probably aint wearing out, he's probably just getting bored of it or something
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