Looking for anyone who knows anything about knopfler and clapton playing together.
a couple months ago I saw a video on youtube (of all places!) of a concert these two did together. i cant remember what song it was but there was a (improv. i think) saxophone solo that absolutely blew me away. i'm pretty sure the saxophonist was Chris White, but i can't find it ANYWHERE!
the only other thing i remember from the vid was knopfler and clapton smiling at each oter and staring at chris while he was doing his thing.
and yes, if it blew me away, ishould have saved it / remembered more, but alas i didnt. anyhelp would be greatly appreciated, its driving me nuts looking for it!
yeah, the stuff they've done together was really good, but this one song i'm looking for in particular sticks out due to the saxophone. i need more goddamn sax! thanks again though!