Hey, I have a vintage guitar. I know the year, make, model and I have the model number too. I just don't know how to and where to go to put in my model number for proof and see the value. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks
What model is this vintage guitar?
The make Vintage?
Or Vintage Vintage?


There is a guitar serial dater online for certain brands, if not, try contacting a few local shops about it's age.
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It's a 1957 Gibson J-45...U know a website or sumthin i can put the serial number in to figure out the info??
I know what you're thinking but selling this thing for drugs is NOT THE ANSWER.

But since I'm probably not gonna change your mind > you're always gonna find someone on ebay who really wants your guitar (trust me, I'm like that all the time). Just post the things that you DO know (brand, serial numbers, whatever) and post a LOT of pics (hell, why not start on these boards?). Eventually you'll get reactions from people who do know a thing or two about your guitar. And that's where you have to be careful because you don't wanna get ripped off. If someone goes "hey, that's a LIMITED EDITION 57 Gibson, and I can tell because blablabla..." make sure you verify it. Do your research and you might just get yourself a sweet deal
Well i bought the guitar not too long ago, and i have posted it on here. Actually it was previously owned by Eric Clapton. I bought it at a GuitarCenter in my state. But no one believes me, but whateva. The only thing is that I'm like 95% on the serial number. Because the guitar is so old its kinda hard to read. So i wanted to be sure before I go posting all kinds of pics. I just wanna be totally sure, so if someone wants to look it up, I don't look like an ass you know.
Hey, Are you just joking or were you serious?...its expensive you know, lol..but let me know if your for real or not, cause if not, im goin to try my luck on ebay
no dude, just go for ebay. I'm completely broke right now.
Just wondering how much it's gonna go for on ebay?
I would buy it if I had the money though.
If you bought it from Guitar Center, they would have given you certification papers for a) the guitar, b) that it was owned by Eric Clapton.

Make sure to post those with your guitar or it'll seem like a scam.

Contact Gibson with the serial and they'll be able to help you out

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If it was previously owned by Eric Clapton, and you have the coa - certificate of authenticity to prove this, first off e-mail gibson customer service to verify the serial number, then get it valued, some guitar shops offer this service,

get it valued anyway, even if only to sit safely in your house, once valued I would personally submit to an auction house, somewhere like sothebys in London, who specialise in music memorabilia..

a 1960 j 45 is up for sale on this site for $5500.00

the clapton link adds a bit more value too..
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It's a 1957 Gibson J-45...U know a website or sumthin i can put the serial number in to figure out the info??

I see you have posted this question in another thread, but state...

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I believe I have a 1954 gibson. I need to find the serial number tho. The number inside the guitar i belive is just the factory order number. Theres no stickers or nethin inside either with numbers...

perhaps best to contact gibson, or Eric clapton websites... they may help too, but first get the full details correct otherwise people may doubt you..
your best bet is to call up gibson and ask. if it was owned by clapton, they'd know.

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