What inspires creativity for you guys?

I have a serious case of writers block and I haven't been able to come up with anything new lately.

I was kinda hoping that 7 strings might open the flood gates, but so far I've got nothing
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Tons of things inspire me. Life's bullcrap, other people's music, the love of a friend, the hate of an enemy, love or hatred or extreme emotions in general...
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Idk sometimes inspiration will come to me randomly, I thought of a song called "Hank the water carrying cat." while I was trying to sleep in math class today.

Look at Frank Zappa, he didn't base all of his music off sentiment and experiences: He thought of stuff. Whether it was ridiculous or not.
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last time i got writers block, i just didnt try to write anything for a few weeks and started listening to different music and that seemed to help a lot
girls, nature, classical music, epic stuff in general

One of my biggest inspirations for music lately was the last concert I went to. The band I saw (Elotheos; one of my all-time favorites that you should definitely see live) played a song so good that the lead singer collapsed from sheer emotional overload and just started crying.
No emo comments please, you seriously had to be there.


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Girls and all the BS that follows them, the desire to be good at something, DragonForce, AC/DC, GNR, hair metal, and above all being pissed off. I dont write a lot of music, but when I am mad and just sit down I seem to be able to learn new songs faster and the dabblings of my own seem to make it to the fretboard easier, but they sound better too.
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... Girls
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Other pepole's music.

Normally I'll just be playing around and find a melody and it all starts accidentally.

If I hear a song that I love and can't get out of my head, I'll take like the progression or something and mix it up and make it my own.

Also, in my music theory class, we once had a sub (the chorus/guitar teacher at the school), and he told us about how in school when he had to write songs, he'd take common numbers like phone numbers andtransfer them to progressions. I do that a lot when I really want to write and can't think of a thing...

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