I've been playing guitar for a while (like 1 year seriously and fiddling for about 2) and I need a new amp bad! (My last tweo have fuzzled out and I'm left with a practice amp). Anyone recommend an amp that can give me a Dream Theater or Opeth style sound for guitar distortions and a good, jazzy clean setting?
It would be very easy for me to recommend something like a Diezel VH4 or a Soldano Decatone, but without some type of a price cap it's hard to say anything.
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...Randal rg50tc. save 60 bucks more and go get one
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Quote by sirlimecat
...Randal rg50tc. save 60 bucks more and go get one

Thanks, I was thinking about Randall or Laney, but Laney would have to be imported =/. Now, I'll just go out and buy it. That'll be great fun...(very little gas in tank)
will the rg50tc have enough gain for metal at bedroom levels?