Same here
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I will soon be fired I am sure. So I too will be in the same boat. Perhaps we should become drug dealers? We can all three band together and be better than Johnny Depp from the movie Blow.
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Part time job hunting is soooooo freakin' humiliating.
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I have a job
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i need a job bad, ive put in a few applications but to no avail. small towns do suck ass
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i haven't had a job in 14 years

Nice. I wish I could do that. I'm in the same situation as most people in this thread...except I have a job. But it's too far away, so I'm still losing money, just a lot slower than if I didn't have a job.
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I need a job, but I dont want one.

So I am not going to get one.

Im going to make £400 last two months... Then get my bursary. Then I dont need to worry..

Uni is awesome!
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i haven't had a job in 14 years

....thats where our tax payers money is going to....

:P joke
The sex offenders register.. personally, i don't even think they should be in school.
i have a feeling i'm gonna get sacked tomorrow or at least get some form of warning for not showing up for my shift on saturday, can i join you in your drug dealing?
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I hate getting accepted to jobs. I don't even apply to them!

Right now I'm supposed to be at orientation for a job at Barbar & Barber, and I don't even know what it is!
job hunting suck in big cities too. It seems the only jobs that are available are fast food or dishwasher. but I blame it on the recession.
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The last cover I saw was of Pete Wentz. No kidding. I saw a Pete Wentz cover, then I never saw a Bass Guitar Magazine again.

Coincidence? I think not.
*waits for demotivational pictures*
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I need to get a job too, but I don't know if I'll be able to handle it considering my workload at school, but I really really need the money just as much as I need my good GPA.
I got my last two jobs with relative ease but I lost my last one for doing a no show.

I hate handing in CVs and I hate part-time jobs. Although this is bound to be the case as I hate people, when serving customers I have to communicate with people - NOT good.
im in the same place it sucks cause i keep getting turned down for not having a job ever...but if no one hires me do to lack of ever working, then how the **** am i ever going to get my first job?!

i did work for my dad though it was under the table so i cant use it
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i haven't had a job in 14 years

and you're probably 14.

I have a job, part-time. It pays pretty good. I don't like it though.
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online applications piss me off.
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