Hey, I'm pretty new to customizing my gear.. and am buying new strings tomorrow. What do you think I should buy? I play most stuff like Buckethead / Jason Becker and also lots of blues. atm I'm looking for speed in my playing - arpeggios/shred/picking.

What sized and which type of strings would suit that best?? And does material matter?

I have a Fender Stratocaster.. just a normal one, I had golden bullets before but they feel kinda bluesy?

Thanks in advance! =)
.09-.42 should do the trick. I use D'Addario's, the purple ones. You can check some samples on my profile, I play pretty fast on some songs there, if that's what you're looking for...
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for shred, lighter guage strings are often more popular
its probably best and easiest to go for the same size that were in your guitar before, unless you really dont like them. its also going to depend if your downtuning much?
Just get some good ol' GHS boomers as far as size, 9 is pretty much standard. if you want a little more tension and a thicker soud you can get 10s or 11s but i don't recomend the 11s unless you're 6'5" like Zakk Wylde or if you are gonna do lower tunings. Sometimes I like a hybrid set lie 9-46 which is the top three strings from a nine set and the low 3 from a 10 set. It's all personal preferance but I would recomend 9s.
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D´addarios 9s should be good for you
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9's are it

You could even try a the hybrid 9-46 if you like a little heavier bottom end
try a couple...i tried them all till eventually i settled for .13-.56
i find that the smaller the strings are the more my pick tends to kinda latch on to them, i might try to go higher

i might start at .16 since it's the high E string i have trouble with
just try them all out .9 .10 .11 .12 .13

you can also get individual strings for custom gauges
Just make sure you have the right gauge if your music store is the same as mine by them handing you the strings behind the desk. I told them to give me 9's and I got 13's and didn't even know it until I put them on. I don't like 13's that much at all so I now check every time I buy there! Beginner mistake I guess.