I need help on part of the Metallica solo. I have it all down up until the three 22 bends. The part thats hard is:


I just cant get it to sound right, either i cant play it fast enough or what, it just sounds like crap.

Please help,
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just play it slow with a metronome.
spend about an hour a day on it and you should have it in a week.
Well, it is fairly fast so that could be your problem.
Do you use a BR-600?
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1st finger always on 15(e)
you could turn the 19(b) to a 14(e)

that and metronome boyo
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It's also easier and sounds better IMO if you use legato- I'm not sure how Kirk Hammett plays it but it sounds fine. I play it like this:

E 15h17p15---------------------15h17p15
B --------------17p15h17h19---------------17p15h17h19

That works well and isn't hard to do.
It's a device you can pick up at any music store that helps you keep time. You can adjust it to different speeds and rhythms and it will keep a steady beat to help you out.
Ok i do not understand how to use a metronome i cant seem to stay in pace and i cant seem to find how to hit notes in contrast with the beeps.

and how do u guys hoo kno the solo get your fingers that fast?????
Ok people....i just cant seem to get it and I cant use a metronome worth ****!!!!!!!
What to do????